Ph. Credits Marco Biasiotto

What's on

  • The Syllabus of the From Cure To Care Training Programme can be found here.

  • Case Study: Providing Spiritual Care to in-hospital patients during COVID 19: A Preliminary European Fact-Finding Study Working Paper, result of the Case studies-based Research, is now available for download here.

  • FCTC partners are very happy to announce the starting up of the From Cure To Care blended training programme on September 26th. Stay tuned on our Facebook page and our Youtube channel to read and watch our students' narrative pills!!

FCTC partners were very happy to attend the first face -to -face meeting of the project in Caçeres, Spain, on 27th April 2022. On the 28th of April, the University of Extremadura, hosting the meeting, organised the 1st Multiplier Event foreseen by the project in the 2 years. The latter will saw the participation of the whole FCTC team.

The team

The FCTC team is composed by expertise from 5 European Higher education Institutions: