Working Plan

The FCTC project is declined in 4 Phases, which also correspond to the 4 Intellectual Outputs produced during the 24 months project's life:

Phase 1

IO1 Digital Education and Spiritual Assistance in Hospital Healthcare

Coordinator UCD

Analysis of 4 case studies (Ireland, Poland, Spain and Italy) in order to explore nurses’ learning needs in religious-spiritual assistance in healthcare, and in the digital field. This has led to a working paper on the improvement of nurses curricula in those areas (we should publish it online on this website by February 2022).

Phase 2

IO2 Training Design – E-Learning Course, Modules, Face-to-face Laboratory work and Blended Mobility activities

Coordinator UNITO

Based on the results of the needs analysis carried out in Phase 1, the partners will design and pilot an blended learning course with the following Modules:

  • Digital skills for interaction

  • Spirituality and care in hospitals

  • Managing religious diversity

  • Spiritual nursing care interventions for end-of-life care during COVID 19 Pandemic

  • Narrative Medicine

An international blended-learning mobility will take place in Turin in Jan 2023.

Phase 3

IO3 Design and Maintenance of the E-Learning Platform

Coordinator UNIR

After a phase of student-needs analysis in approaching digital technologies, UNIR will design, develop, delivery and maintenance the platform for the E-Learning course hosting the e-course.

Phase 4

IO4 Piloting E-Learning Course and validation

Coordinator UKSW

The Pilot E-Learning Course will be delivered to 200 participants from Unito, UCD, UKSW, UEx. Five learners from each country will participate to a 5-day Blended Mobility activity in Turin.

At the end of the project the partners will jointly elaborate a transferability toolkit, a key guidance document for all the institution wishing to replicate the FCTC training programme.